Recipe -Cold Shabu Shabu with Creamy Sesame Dressing & Momiji Oroshi (Rei-shabu 冷しゃぶ, cold pork salad)

This is the very Japanese food which I made on the day which began with stunning and surreal morning sky.

It has been almost 6 months since I moved to Singapore, so now I am able to guess approximate weather condition of the morning by seeing the sky. The day that starts with this burning coloured sky is always hot and very sunny day.
The dish I am going to share with you is perfect for such a hot day because I don’t need to stand by heat for making it for a long time -Cold Shabu Shabu with Creamy Sesame Dressing & Momiji Oroshi (Rei-shabu 冷しゃぶ, cold pork salad)

Shabu Shabu is Japanese hot pot with thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in hot Kombu Dashi. And it is one of the typical historical Japanese Omotenashi (hospitality) food. The cold version is invented from the original one in 20 centuries.

The method is pretty simple.

Boil the thinly sliced meat in a kombu stock with ginger for a few seconds and dredge, let it cool in a icy water immediately. The key is avoiding the over-cooked of meat otherwise the meat turns hard and dry which is not great for the taste at all. Make sure removing any scum from the stock too.

You can reuse this stock for making a pork based soup 🙂
The recipe I am going to share today uses this homemade pork stock, and will upload at the end of the blog.

I prepared two types of dressing.

Creamy sesame dressing

Momiji Oroshi which is made of grated Daikon and carrot with citrus.

The pork belly which was boiled nicely remove excess fat but still flavourful of pork, so it is so great to enjoy with two completely different taste of dressing. Sesame one is thick. rich and dense, and Daikon one is clean, light and so fresh taste. So these are perfect combination to repeat to eat the meat.

Other side dish was Japanese-style Chilli salad and vinegared vegetables.

Finally, it is the time for sharing the recipe of creamy sesame dressing. This is so versatile to use any vegetables, and it is easy to enjoy the full of Japanese taste in healthy way.


Have a lovely day, everybody.

Naoko xx

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