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Today, we are going to share some traditional Japanese food with a traditional presentation.

The day that I made that Bento was the day of practicing Japanese eating etiquette for my children. The theme was Sankaku Tabe (eating each food evenly). So I made various different types of food.

All are very classic and traditional Japanese food because I want my children remember the authentic taste, which was my responsibility, I think.

I had a chance to get such a chubby fatty fresh mackerel at the wet market, so I made ‘Mackerel & Maitake mushroom with Mizore Ae.

Mizore Ae is the name of kind of sauce which contains grated Daikon (Daikon Oroshi 大根おろし).

The next is pickled Daikon and carrot that is named Namasu.

This salad is typically cooked in New Year’s day because it is said the combination of white and red is lucky colour in Japan.
And boiled green vegetable with sesame & walnut paste.

The next is Tofu Dengaku.

Dengaku is made of red and white Miso plus Sake, sesame paste and sugar, but sadly I had no stock of red Miso in my pantry, so this time that Dengaku Miso is little bit my original version (usually the paste is more dark brown colour)

And the three different seasoned rice.
That’s all. Phew!

The boys dedicated to eat each food evenly little by little well even they tried Shio leaf which they are not keen as they said it was too minty! (it is indeed, great expression!)

Well done, boys!

It’s Friday, woohoo!
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