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Today, we are writing about our national food and also I think the best well-known food in Japanese cuisine all over the world, sushi.
There are so many types of sushi in Japan, it is exactly countless varieties. The style, taste and type of fish are depend on the region and seasons. In my case, I mainly grew up in Tokyo area, so my favourite and comfort type of sushi is Nigiri Sushi which is called Edomae sushi. That’s definition is a vinegared rice ball with slice of raw/cured fish on top.

So, when I ran supper clubs or catering in the UK, my main sushi was always Nigiri sushi, and that doesn’t change at all in my mind in Singapore.

Supper Club in 2018
Supper Club in 2018

However, in such a circumstance, the thing is budget. I wanted to mean that we need extra budget for Nigiri sushi rather than other types of sushi because for Nigiri, the fish is given great weight so that we have to buy decent amount of Sashimi grade fish for that. Obviously Sashimi grade fish is not an affordable ingredient in Singapore.

The other day, my children asked me to make sushi for them, so I chose more affordable one as a family meal. That was a roll sushi.
There are three types of roll sushi in Japan. Futo-maki (large), Naka-maki (medium) and Hoso-maki (small). They are just different size and different volume of fillings. We can easily arrange the balance of fillings and rice for suiting for the budget 🙂

So, no wonder I chose roll sushi for the children this time!

I made two types of roll. The first one is Sashimi salmon roll. Other fillings are lady finger (Okura) and homemade pickled Daikon (Tsukemono 漬物).

And the second one is Japanese egg omelette (Dashi-maki Tamago 出汁巻玉子) California Roll.

I suppose you can find that I put more the sushi rice than the fillings not like a usual roll sushi as I really ought to make the children who are always hungry full up with sushi! haha

In addition, served a little fresh salad for cleaning their palate alongside.

That was soured plum (Umeboshi 梅干し) marinated raw Daikon & Okura. Super clean and light but so flavourful.

Luckily my cheeky trick worked well for the boys.

They devoured and were very happy to be stuffed!

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